By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and Passive Infrared sensors (PIR), Electronic Security Concepts and Honeywell can create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

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Many workplaces and buildings use access control systems to allow authorized entry. Historically, this has often involved equipment which required physical interaction to be used—touching an access card on a card reader, opening a door by touching the handle, or pushing a button to exit, for example. Even riding an elevator involved calling the lift car and choosing a destination by pressing buttons.

Frictionless access enables a building to identify an individual and allows secure, controlled entry with remote or contactless biometric acquisition. Because it doesn’t need physical credentials to operate, it requires minimal visible infrastructure yet permits passive access for minimal impact on occupants—with the most accurate location awareness.

The Honeywell+ESC Healthy Buildings Difference

Facial recognition, biometric and Bluetooth readers, passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, and touch-free request to exit buttons all help reduce physical contact with frequently touched surfaces. Eliminating physical access cards or keypads at entryways and exits, and replacing it with contactless technology can help minimize the risk of exposure to contagions, improve the occupant experience and maintain a high level of security in the building.

While a building may not be fully touchless, there are ways to limit contact in specific areas by employing frictionless access solutions:

  • Use of facial recognition software automates access control and optimizes manual resources needed
  • Both server-based and device-based analytics are available depending on customer needs, which minimizes the cost per door
  • Users can perform real-time monitoring with CCTV cameras, instantly identifying individuals who are potentially of interest and automatically alerting security staff upon a match

Because every building may require a different suite of solutions, Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite platform can integrate a wide range of industry-leading third-party technologies and analytics to provide the ultimate in touchless access control and visitor management. Ask us how you can leverage your system and take advantage of our relationships to create the best solution for your building.

A Complete and Integrated Healthy Building Solution


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