By providing integrated security technologies such as intelligent video analytics to obtain accurate occupancy levels, Electronic Security Concepts and Honeywell can help address new concerns and improve compliance with new and changing regulations.

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Managing occupancy density is critical in today’s “new normal.” Maintaining a safe distance between individuals is recommended by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Following these guidelines, many businesses trying to sustain or reopen have made it mandatory to adhere to social distancing—which means property owners will need to monitor and manage arrivals or stagger traffic in specific high traffic areas.

Unfortunately, reporting accurate building occupancy levels in order to comply with regulations often requires additional personnel to staff doors and manually count people in and out, which relies on human accuracy—but it may also result in increased staffing costs, a strain on resources, and exposing staff to potential illness.


Video analytics provide a highly accurate counting solution. Not only can analytics be deployed to count people entering or exiting a space, but they can also count people in a crowd or standing in a queue.

With the help of a bi-directional people counting feature supported with strategically placed overhead cameras, video analytics can provide accurate occupancy numbers at any given instant for a specific location. Even in a parking lot or structure, video analytics can count vehicles going in or coming out, to provide real-time parking slot occupancy statistics—by section, by floor-level, or even for the complete parking lot.

The Honeywell+ESC Healthy Buildings Difference

Honeywell’s video analytics can help complying with new government regulations for operating at a certain percentage of overall capacity. Utilizing our world-class installation expertise and experience, Electronic Security Concepts deploys this leading technology to provide solutions that effectively answer many of today’s challenges:

  • Operational efficiency—reduce the number of personnel needed on the front line by counting people in and out of a building with an accuracy rate greater than 90%
  • Capture accurate occupancy levels—get aggregation of people count across multiple entrances and exits
  • Improve operator efficiency—monitor and reset occupancy from the safety of a control room
  • Report on occupancy trends over a specified period of time
  • Reduce staff exposure—automated counting can reduce personnel needed to staff building entrances and exits, while tracking and trace functionality helps minimize staff exposure to hazards
  • Increase productivity—managing people flow across single and multiple entry/exit points in a building allows staff to focus on other priorities
  • Maintain compliance—set automated daily occupancy level reporting to comply with regulations and use trend report insights to optimize operations

Many modern facilities already use some type of networked video system and access control system. No matter the size of the operation, Electronic Security Concepts and Honeywell can often leverage existing equipment with additional software and hardware to support occupancy management:

  • An automated and independent people counting solution is ideal for small stores with a single entry/exit point. Staff can monitor a simple single door entry/exit solution connected to a single screen that counts people in and out of the store.
  • Advanced people counting detection is ideal for larger buildings with wide or multiple entry/exit points. A multi-door entry/exit solution monitors and controls people flow with traffic management, people counting and occupancy level monitoring.
  • Daily resets and trend reporting ensures sustainable compliance with changing regulations.

A Complete and Integrated Healthy Building Solution


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