Using technology to monitor and identify occupants in a space can help reduce exposure to potential infection. Advancements in video analytics have made it possible to determine if a person is wearing a mask—or even maintaining proper social distancing.

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Guidelines published by government agencies like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recommend that individuals wear a mask or cloth face covering in public places, especially in locations where social distancing guidelines are difficult to follow—for example, elevators and other enclosed spaces.

Aerosols produced simply by breathing, talking, coughing, or sneezing may contain a wide spectrum of pathogens. Many respiratory particles can remain airborne for hours, which reinforces the need to adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

Following these guidelines, many locations trying to reopen for business have made it mandatory to wear masks on premises. Floor markers indicating proper social distancing (typically six feet, or two meters) and prompting occupants of a space to follow those requirements are a common
sight now.

However, for many organizations, enforcing compliance to wear masks within the facility is currently a manual process with no automated workflow processes.

Video analytics and deep learning artificial intelligence can be used to effectively identify occupant mask and social distancing compliance.

It is recommended for use in critical areas of a building such as entrances and before entering an elevator, as well as potentially crowded common areas like a cafeteria.

A system with the ability to create real-time notifications of health and safety policies violations can help inform the building operator, enable immediate corrective actions, and better protect building occupants.

The ESC+Honeywell Healthy Buildings Difference

Electronic Security Concepts and Honeywell provide innovative tools that facilitate situational awareness, help identify non-compliance with social distancing policies, and track safety concerns. Building owners and managers can more easily and effectively maintain compliance with changing regulations by integrating Pro-Watch Access Control with video analytics and people counting to automate regular reports on occupancy levels, potential contact reports and more.

For businesses struggling to reopen and sustain business continuity, there is no one way to enforce adherence to compliance requirements to minimize the risk of exposure to employees, customers or visitors. Electronic Security Concepts and Honeywell recommend deploying a suite of solutions that can help comply with new regulations:

  • Video analytics can identify potential hot zones where violations occur most frequently. They also offer usable data to help building operators organize the space and ensure that people are remaining four to six feet (one to two meters) apart as recommended.
  • Social Distancing Deep Learning Analytics measure distance between two people who are in conversation, for example, and can offer visual cues like amber and green lights to instill and reinforce the habit of adhering to social distancing guidelines—without being rude.
  • Tools such as thermal imaging stations, crowd counting, and contact tracing integrate with mask detection technology
    to provide additional layers of protection that quickly identify and facilitate action to mitigate potential exposure.
  • Operational dashboards offer advanced reporting capabilities to make the right data readily available—to the right people, at the right time. Building operators can create compliance reports easily using video analytics-based mask detection technologies to maintain compliance with health, government, or corporate guidelines.

A Complete and Integrated Healthy Building Solution


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Mask Detection

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Thermal Screening

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