Professionally Designed and Installed Business Security Camera Systems

Electronic Security Concepts provides fully integrated security solutions for the ultimate in protection for your facilities, assets, staff and customers.

We use Total Connect Integrated Security Cameras, the industry’s leading and most advanced business security camera system. Developed by Honeywell, this system integrates and connects easily with the widest range of applications. This is a far better solution for you than being locked into a single company’s proprietary application.

With Total Connect, you can view live video from any location, no matter where you are. And video can be saved to a hard drive or the cloud and easily shared, all from your smartphone or any other web-enabled device. 

business video surveillance systems

A professionally designed and installed security camera system from Electronic Security Concepts provides a number of outstanding bottom-line benefits to help you protect, control, manage and grow your business.

Custom-Fit Camera Systems for Your Specific Business Situation and Needs

Now you can keep an eye on your business anywhere, any time, for the ultimate in control and peace-of-mind.

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? With a Honeywell Total Connect Business Security Camera System, you can view live video on the go for all-the-time peace of mind and control of your business.

Want to immediately know if there is an unauthorized intrusion at your business? To visually check in on your business operations while on vacation? To see how your employees are doing (and what they’re up to) when you’re not around?

Now you can.

Whether you’re across the street or traveling overseas, with an ESC business security camera system, checking up on your facilities and operations is as fast, easy and convenient as checking your phone, computer or tablet.

Enjoy Any time, Anywhere Control with Total Connect

In today’s digital era, it’s vital for you to stay connected to your business 24/7. And that’s what Honeywell’s Total Connect is all about. It provides you with the critical information required to effectively secure and run your business operations, any time and anywhere.

With this next-generation technology, you can now use the Internet, smartphones, tables and other web-enabled devices to:

  • control your security system
  • monitor operations and employee behavior
  • evaluate customer traffic and interactions
  • receive instant notifications of intrusions
  • remotely manage access to critical areas
  • protect assets and inventory
  • reduce internal theft and shrinkage
  • and so much more

That means you and your staff no longer need to be physically on location to effectively manage these functions. In fact, this technology makes managing these areas far easier, more efficient and cost effective.

There’s never been a better time to get connected.

Check on your business operations any time, anywhere, with a professionally designed and installed Honeywell Total Connect business security camera system from Electronic Security Concepts.

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Reduce Liability with Secure Channel Encryption

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