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Business Video Surveillance Solutions

Professionally designed and installed video surveillance systems for every situation and need integrated with AI technology.

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Deter Crime, Reduce Liability

Burglars are statistically more likely to avoid businesses with video surveillance systems. If something does happen, you’ll have video footage of what happened.

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Full Remote Access

Total Connect lets you monitor remotely, meaning you and your staff no longer need to be physically on location to effectively manage these functions.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

Every ESC system is connected to our 24 hour UL certified central monitoring station. Each central station is “backed up” by the other to ensure you are always protected.

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Flexible Video Storage

Record and store your video on the cloud or with local on-site storage. Access your video securely and remotely with ease.

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Monitor Staff & Property

Keep your people productive and products safe through our live monitoring solutions.

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Built-In Video Analytics

Take control of your data. Get actionable insights and real-time intelligence. Powered with AI learning technology.

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Reliable & Intelligent Video Surveillance

A professionally designed and installed security surveillance system from ESC provides a number of outstanding bottom-line benefits to help you protect, control, manage and grow your business.

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License Plate Recognition

Capture a license plate in real time and let your security system take action such as opening a gate, add a cost, or generate an alert.

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Cloud or On-Site Storage

Video can be saved to a hard drive or the cloud and easily shared, all from your smartphone.

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HD Video – Day or Night

We install cameras capture video of your business or facility day or night.

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Real-Time Video Monitoring

View live video on the go for all-the-time peace of mind and control of your business.

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Video Verification

Municipalities across the country have adopted ordinances to address false alarms, and many have gone as far as to require verification prior to dispatching a patrol car.

Our central monitoring stations now receive video clips of what happened before and after the alarm was triggered allowing operators to make quick, accurate assessments of the event.

Cameras Deter 50% of Crime

Studies show that having video surveillance systems can reduce crime by 50% or more. With our HD cameras, you’ll be able to provide authorities evidence of criminal activity on your property.

Business Video Surveillance Security Solutions - Electronic Security Concepts

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Trusted, Custom-Fit Surveillance

We provide fully integrated security solutions for the ultimate in protection for your facilities, assets, staff and customers.

• Control Your Security System
• Stay Connected 24/7
• Save Costs & Improve Reliability
• Monitor Inventory & Productivity
• Reduce Liability & Deter Crime

Our Process


An ESC business security professional will conduct a detailed analysis of your organization to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities, utilizing our extensive knowledge of the local crime situation.


This step includes a thorough review of the physical architecture of your facilities and identifying external and internal areas vulnerable to intrusion or other security issues.


After the analysis, a complete and comprehensive business video surveillance solution is developed and integrated.

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30+ Years in Business

Since 1991, we have been a leader in full-service security systems integration for home and business.


Fully Custom Solutions

Every system we design, install, and monitor is custom-tailored to exactly fit the client’s requirements.


Proven Results, Any Scope

You get the advantages of local, “hands-on” service with the resources of a national company.


Government Trusted

We work directly with local, state, and federal government agencies on a wide variety of projects.


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Yes! It is free to get an assessment of your needs.

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Yes, we do!

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Yes, you do!

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Nope! We offer options for month-to-month or yearly contracts.