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Home Security Cameras

ESC provides professionally designed and installed home security cameras. Our systems are fully integrated for the best protection of your home and family.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

With our local central station monitoring, your burglary / fire / medical emergencies are answered promptly.

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Expandable and Versatile

Easily scale to accommodate changes in locations or protected areas. Provide fast and convenient changes to the user database.

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Manage Remotely

The Total Connect app keeps you completely connected and in control of your business security system — anytime, anywhere.

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Platinum Service Certified Dealer

The Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) Program is an exclusive partnership for highly experienced integrators.

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Custom-Fit Camera Systems

We use Total Integrated Security Cameras, the industry’s leading and most advanced home security camera system. Developed by Honeywell, this system integrates and connects easily with the widest range of applications. This is a far better solution for you than being locked into a single company’s proprietary application.

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Doorbell Cameras

Always know who’s at your door with Video Doorbell. Hear and speak to the person at your door from anywhere – all in full HD. Feel safe knowing who is at your door.

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Outdoor Cameras

Day or night, our total connect cameras will monitor activity around your property. Video can be saved to a hard drive or the cloud and easily shared, all from your smartphone or any other web-enabled device.

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Monitor From Anywhere

With Total Connect, you can view live video from your home no matter where you are. And video can be saved to a hard drive or the cloud and easily shared, all from your smartphone or any other web-enabled device.

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Home Security Camera Solutions - Electronic Security Concepts

custom solutions

Fully Integrated Home Security

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your home. That’s why we take the trust that our thousands of clients have placed in us very seriously.

• Custom-Fit Camera Systems
• Professionally Designed and Installed
• Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere Control

Our Process


An ESC home security professional will conduct a detailed analysis of your home to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities, utilizing our extensive knowledge of the local crime situation.


This step includes a thorough review of the physical architecture of your home and identifying external and internal areas vulnerable to intrusion or other security issues.


After the analysis, a complete and comprehensive home security camera system is developed and integrated.

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Business Services

Why Choose Us


30+ Years in Business

Since 1991, we have been a leader in full-service security systems integration for home and business.


Fully Custom Solutions

Every system we design, install, and monitor is custom-tailored to exactly fit the client’s requirements.


Proven Results, Any Scope

You get the advantages of local, “hands-on” service with the resources of a national company.


Government Trusted

We work directly with local, state, and federal government agencies on a wide variety of projects.


Not seeing your question listed? Contact us and one of our home security system professionals will be able to assist you.

Are there long-term monitoring contracts?

There are options for month to month and yearly.

Is there a cost to get an assessment?

No there is not.

Can I control my system from my phone?

Yes, we have a mobile app. Check out total connect for more information!

Can you monitor and service my existing system?

Yes we can, depending on your system. If it’s old, we may request an upgrade.

Do you have emergency 24/hour support?

Yes we do.